10 Reasons Why Dads Should Blog

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We know moms blog a lot. There are millions of stories worldwide with all the trials and tribulations moms go through on a daily basis. I do not know the worldwide figures but just in North America alone there are 3.9 million mom bloggers as said here in the Mashable infographic. This begs the all illusive question, where are all the dad bloggers and don’t they have a reason to blog as much as the moms? I even asked on Quora but no replies yet. It seems we are a smaller crowd. I recently started blogging because the birth of my daughter inspired me to work more with my photography and do more videos of her growing up. I’ve ended up doing different kinds of photography with different styles, just because it fit the scene and mood. I wanted to document these changes through a blog where I see the world, now that I am a dad. My daughter has inspired my creative side to explore many ways to capture her growing up. I am certainly taking more pictures of her now than when was born. So instead of just taking the pics of the world around me, she has become the world in my pictures. I used to do a lot of very harsh black & white photos but now I also use positive, soft colours because it just fits who she is as a person. This influence has in fact spilt over to my photography in general and that’s why I blog here.


I recently joined a fantastic Dad Blogger group on Facebook called, well… Dad Bloggers. I asked the members why dads should blog and what motivates them to write. Here’s 10 reasons to do it, other than photography:

1. James Austin – Your funny blog posts, which you remember in detail, become great stories years later at social gatherings.

2. Spike Zelenka – The most important reason I see is to document events in my child’s life and be able to share them with friends and family now… and with my sons later. www.doubletroubledaddy.com

3. Spike Zelenka – I also blog to put on paper the feelings and emotions I am experiencing so I can reflect on them later. www.doubletroubledaddy.com

4. Stephen Greene – I am from the UK, but I live in Brazil. The main reason I started blogging was to keep my family back home involved in their only grandson/nephew’s life. http://headoftheheard.com/

5. Mike Heenan – My daughters are both under age four. I have little evidence that I even had a childhood, barring my own unreliable memory. What started as an effort to document our day-to-day, for posterity, has rapidly grown into an adventure we cherish. Through my blogging venture I am afforded near-daily opportunities to explore the world around us, and a space in which to reflect on what that world must look like through their eyes. I have never been so adamant about, and communally encouraged to, seek out adventures in the form of people, places and things, with two impressionable ankle biters by my side, as I have since joining this family of Dad Bloggers. It is a big comfort, in a crazy day and age, to know that my little girls are experiencing the world around them, firsthand, by a dad who’s discovered a new found hunger for it. http://athomedadmatters.com

6. Earl Reddell – To grow, share, and help. By challenging ourselves to be better fathers, we learn how to grow. By sharing what we have learned, we challenge others to grow. If by sharing others grow, then we are helping each other. http://www.adivorceddad.com

7. Drew Gilbert – In the same way that being a photographer forces that person to look harder at the world around them to look for what is beautiful or interesting, blogging about parenting struggles and victories force the blogger to reflect on the choices they are making, the moments worth remembering, and hopefully learn how to self-evaluate and figure out ways to improve and continue to be grateful for the privilege of being a dad.

8. Lee Bodenmiller – To help me focus on the positive parts of fatherhood when the going gets tough. Because time goes by so fast. And I have a horrible memory. I write to remember.

9. Scott Behson – Put a little positivity out in the world

10. Josh Gloer – If we don’t… who will?

Are you a dad and if you do blog what inspires you to write?






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