44 Stanley: A walkthrough

Three Marys

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I decided to do some street photography at a place called 44 Stanley. There lies in the middle of the Braamfontein Werf area of Johannesburg, is the hipster joint for Joburgers to enjoy a subculture of funky goodness to make any organic free range loving citizen to feel at home. You can get goodies, ornaments and designer instruments even Dieter Rams would approve. While I had a nice walkthrough I thought what makes this place so special to the residents of Johannesburg. Here’s a list as why it’s a special place:

  • A guy (who’s not black) with dreadlocks is common. I refer to the lovely owners of L8 Cafe.
  • Business ideas are discussed over brinjal curry pies. Not sure of the actual name but it was delicious. Also at L8 Cafe.
  • You can buy a good electric bicycle (not to confuse with normal bikes). This is where Cycology is. Go check it out!
  • Where the coffee is freshly brewed with yummy ham and mustard flatbread sandwiches.Try it out at Three Marys.
  • Where the decor on sale can bolster any yuppie home. Can be found at Vendange.
  • Buying a Vespa is possible. There’s even a retro BMW bike! I’m not sure of the name of this place now. Are they for sale?

What else can you think of that makes 44 Stanley unique and a good place to hang out? Give me some more! If I like it, I will add it to this list and credit you!


More info about 44 Stanley: http://44stanley.co.za/



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