A Time to Reflect and a Time to Write

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A beginning. An experience. A virtue of all life that happens around me. Life intersects me in so many ways, I’m unable to fathom or even comprehend it at times. And yet, all these intersections only make life interesting. It’s like jumping in jelly, it may be daunting but yet you know it’s jelly. It can only be fun. One way to make sense of life is write about it and capture the experiences along the way. Based on the title, you may be thinking I’m some fitness fundi. Oh but Irony does strike with many sides like an eloquent Gillette blade. The six-pack reference includes all that have a six pack or simply just a six-pack of beer. It’s an all-encompassing value that includes men of all shapes and sizes but most of all, a reference to mature men, who are dads. I’m a dad myself, of a wonderful daughter who I think wants to be a doctor just so she can diagnose me as insane. Here’s to a new beginning of experiencing life and sharing it with all of you. I’m no fan of charts or graphs (I hate excel with a passion), instead my view will be based on experiences. My motto is if you experience something, can you explain it to your mom so she enjoys your story too? Well no disrespect to moms but they don’t have time for techno-babble. So here I embark on a journey in an ever growing blogosphere of life, love and all the techno-gadgets in between in a manner that’s enjoyable and not too technical. Why? Because I don’t want to impress you with my technicalities but rather with my story telling.

If you’re wondering, I’m an engineer in the telecoms industry and I do photography (don’t ask…) but I love it. Technology and the visual arts are my juxtaposed passions that works together in jumbled life-like hot bowl of Jungle Oats. It’s amazing, crazy and downright convoluted. I’m loving it. Welcome to my blog.



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