Dear Wife – Let’s talk about the anxiety you feel for us

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Dear Wife…

I have noticed day by day your level of stress has increased. Be it the children, the workload or any other issues, you haven’t been yourself. And now, your stress and worry has increased even more with my decision to leave work and pursue a life of the entrepreneur. It’s a passion that is driven by my need to succeed, provide for us and to attain a level of self-control in my destiny. What a time to do this huh? We just had our second child… our beautiful son. When I see you and the kids, I’ve realized we make great children! I’m proud of where we are and what we have achieved. I’m inspired by your dream to do what you like and I’ve made it my purpose to do something that we can both be proud of.

frau angst erfolg misserfolg

I just turned 35 and I’ve wondered for years when it would ever be a good time to be an entrepreneur. I wonder how some people do it. How do they have families and still build billion dollar industries? So that’s when I realized, there’s never a perfect time to pursue a life that you desire. The difference between ordinary people and the great ones, is that the great ones listened to their hearts and took initiative. Some get lucky and others simply chip away until they find what they’re looking for. I in fact never believed in vacations because that’s just people trying to escape from their existing lives. What kind of life do we have if we have to keep avoiding it? And when we need to return, we are bummed to get back to work. I see the endless posts on social media about people who simply can’t wait for Friday and of course those never ending Monday jokes. Surely we all know this can’t be it? If our behaviour is anything to go by we are working against the grains of our true desires and purpose. This is indeed having a negative impact on society as a whole. I notice people are tired with the corporate world. It’s only about profits and more profits.

So let me get back to my tired eyes. Why am I getting into such a risk with the existing stresses that we already have with family and life? Why am I spending countless hours in front of my computer, working on my plans for the future? Well, it’s because of the dreams you have told me about and I always saw your face light up just imagining what it would be like to live it. Do you remember asking me to drive inside those fancy estates with the supreme looking houses? You know the ones with windows and lights that makes it look like a fancy hotel. I want to make just a sample of that dream come true for you. Money isn’t everything. This isn’t about financial goals but to live a life of purpose that can take us to a place where we don’t need to dream anymore. A place where we live the life we desire so we don’t ever have to escape from it.

Beautiful Home Exterior at Night

What I need from you is faith and understanding that in attempting a different, more gratifying path, we will make it. Even in just the attempt at this endeavour, I am feeling happier about it. I need your help more than ever. I made a strategic choice to build on something we can both work on. So it ensures no matter how busy we get, we are together doing it. So keep writing and share the stories that the people love. I’m here to help you too. We are building this together and I just need you most of all to please bring that smile back that I fell in love with.




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